Summary of School Rules

Note: this does not replace The Charlottes Book, it’s a summary of the day by day important rules.

The full Charlotte Book in Electronic Format is here

Day Students ask permission to leave the campus, for day students it’s just formal, no NO’s will be said.

If you’re online and there is class, be in class, unless you have a reason and tell us about it.

Uniforms are worn all times but not in weekend, while in campus. Boarders wear uniforms outside of campus too, Day students don’t have to.

When not in uniform, look neat.

Charlottes get spanked, essays, lines, or other punishments in the limits of their consent forms.

S(R)L is Opt-In, and who’s in wears a bow. It means they match their spankings IRL.

There are 3 types of protocol, Minimum at casual school events, Normal – in school, High – in the classroom or assemblies.

Say Miss, Sir, Yes Miss, Yes Sir, Thank you Miss, Thank you Sir.

When Normal Protocol, ask permission to sit or leave the room. When High Protocol, do not speak not asked.

Boarders Live in school, have curfews and need to say where they’re going.