Often in the school rules, Students are refered to as Charlottes.
When refereeing to Students & Staff, it would be spelled CHARLOTTES.
Rules written by headmistress Grace Diana Pi’ne, parts of them taken from First Life schools.
Our rules don’t cover everyone, we assume some things are known, e.g. what’s a school prefect (not the Harry Potter ones). If a Candidate is not familiar with some things, learning will happen.


These are the things one has to read & know to be admitted in Charlotte. Read them to pass the quiz.

Charlotte Basics
About Chalotte (Also found on website page “About”)
Admission requirements
Community rules & principles


These are the things one has to read & know to be admitted in Charlotte as Charlotte (Student), after your first week.

Etiquette Guide
The very important Etiquette Guide our Charlottes have to follow.

Charlotte Discipline
about discipline & especially punishment
about in or out of school family & guardians

Good Charlotte Code of Conduct
General school rules for Charlottes, Duties, Uniforms & Appearance

About boarding, what is it and when should you board ?

Ballet Class Rules and Etiquette
Class Rules: Debate


Tutors and Instructors Code
Important for staff members
Punishment Log