Be part of our family! We are a diverse space, with many openings for anyone wishing to enhance their Second Life with meaningful interactions and a big, warm family, which you will not find anywhere else, in a highly immersive and detailed environment.


General requirements: 18 +, mesh bodied, knowledgeable of basic SL and emoting, willing to get involved and find a new big family !

STUDENTS (Charlottes)

Eager to obey the requirements of a finishing school, learn, enjoy the school experience. Playfulness is welcomed, we are not looking for “Slaves”!
Corporal& Other punishment can be opted out, as our SCHOOL EXPERIENCE is also very enriching, however acceptance is expected.
You will participate in interesting classes, make a lot of friends, and learn how to better yourself.


If you wish to teach, be it manners, classes or obedience, Charlotte Finishing School is always opened to new staff.

Tutors handle disciplinary and punishments aspects primarly, and Instructors teach classes.

If needed, you will receive training and help in the best ways to teach a class in Second Life and will be surrounded by our beautiful and interesting Charlottes, even more than you’d wished!

  • Teachers, people knowledgeable of a field well enough to teach it. Your classes should be interactive and interesting, not Wikipedia copy-paste
  • School staff of other kinds, be it to help our charlottes with school, get involved generally in School life or D/s interested to seed obedient minds and souls when needed.


If being a charlotte is not suited for you, we are looking for servants, that will follow a strict protocol and be dedicated to serving our Charlottes and school staff.

We are looking Maids & Servants, willing to serve and obey.

:: To apply as a Charlotte, Staff or Auxiliary Staff, visit our reception, read and know our rules. ::


  • will be tasked with secretarial duties, helping school management with day by day school running and will serve the staff as asked.
  • will know how to use Notices, Groups and Google Documents, or accept to learn
  • will be polite, pleasant and able to communicate in English
  • will be able to dedicate at least 1 h daily for secretarial tasks and duties
  • will handle reception when needed.
  • will dress smart, you can get help in that aspect if needed, both financially or guiding you.
  • D/s is involved, with special attention to you, from the headmistress, if needed by you.
  • You will not be paid, but you will be part of a beautiful and lovely D/s community

:: Please contact Miss Grace Diana N. Pi’ne (GraceStalker) if interested ::


  • DANCERS & actors for our shows. You’ll need basic SL skills and able to come to rehearsals. You will not come to the ballet classes which are part of the school.
  • PRODUCTION STAFF: If you have skills, from Animating, shopping, design, scripting, SPOT-ON, Choreography, Music, etc that can help in our productions, and wish to get involved, we are always looking for new team members.

:: Please contact Miss Grace Diana N. Pi’ne (GraceStalker) if interested ::