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Psychology - 07 July 2020  

Anna Soffian
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Homework: Use a scoring sheet to score the answers done by each student during the class.  Anna has provided to students attending this class. Please let her know if anyone else wishes to have the scoring sheet and the list of questions


[13:58] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So, let´s first of all bring our freshmen up to date. Anna, can you explain to your fellow students what we talked about last week, so they get an idea what it´s all about today?

[14:00] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Uhmmmm.. I didn't get a chance to go over my notes,Sir.. But it was basically abot how being in a group can influence your attitude...but also observing people in your group interacting with other groups can infnluence you.....

[14:00] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) smiles weakly

[14:00] Fawn Cobalt looks over at Anna listening

[14:00] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Sort of that, Sir...I think

[14:00] Jack Wegener (belladrama): blinks

[14:01] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Sort of kind of nails it.

[14:01] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) blushes

[14:01] Fawn Cobalt looks at her nails

[14:01] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Maybe i rather pull up the board again, one moment, it should be somewhere behind the chalkboard

[14:01] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) bites my lip

[14:02] Jack Wegener (belladrama): There we go, wonders of modern times..

[14:02] Jack Wegener (belladrama): You can sit down, Anna, thank you.

[14:03] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Alexia, can you maybe wrap up what we talked about last time?

[14:04] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Yes sir.

[14:04] Fawn Cobalt smiles at Alexia

[14:04] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Glanced up at Alexia, listening

[14:04] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) looks down at my hands blushing deep red, feeling miserable

[14:05] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): yes were talking about a research project. You were working on, and thought maybe we could conduct some research on our own to see how it all works.

[14:05] Jack Wegener (belladrama): nods smiling

[14:05] Jack Wegener (belladrama): That´s what Anna was referring to... what my real research was about. winks to anna

14:07] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So what we talked about last week was, how you can actually conduct a psychological study. How you make things you can not see or weight measurable.

[14:08] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Thank you, Alexia, you can sit down.

[14:08] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Thank you, Sir.

[14:09] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) smiles at Alexcia

[14:09] Jack Wegener (belladrama): And i also gave you the link to a Test that does meassure the so called big five. Now let me quickly explain what that is.

[14:09] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): *Alexia

[14:11] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So... the human personality is one of the most researched topics in psychology. I think you guessed that, right?

[14:11] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[14:11] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods and nods

[14:14] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Looks at the other girls and turns her eyes back to the front, nodding..

[14:14] Fawn Cobalt: me glances quickly at Lulubell

[14:15] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now... if we do research on something in psychology, one of the first question that comes up it - what is part of it and what is not. Like... If i want to meassure Annas Personality, do i need to take cheekiness into account? And it so, is it something different then naughtyness and brattiness or can i actually meassure all three of those in one?

[14:16] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) frowns

[14:17] Jack Wegener (belladrama): This is what a range of scientists did with thousands of words that describt personal traits and with some scientifically math-magic they tracked it down to five categories... that´s why it´s called the big five.

[14:18] Jack Wegener (belladrama): These are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion,Agreeableness, Neuroticism (emotional instability).

[14:19] Jack Wegener (belladrama): The idea is that any human personality can be described within those five categories.

[14:20] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) considers they all sound great but the last.

[14:21] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Taps her chin lightly, pondering which characteristics she is.. then gets lots in her nails for a moment

[14:21] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now, let me add that from a psychological point of view, everything good and bad we all got in us. Some just got more of something then another person... or less. And the combination then makes a personality. Makes sense?

[14:22] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) She nods slowly

[14:22] Fawn Cobalt nods affirmatively

[14:22] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[14:22] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods

[14:22] Fawn Cobalt wonders if Firestorm will add preference controls to adjust those five personality factors in other avatars

[14:23] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Can you read the slider yet? Or is it blurry with you too?

[14:23] Clara Soffian (clarafilia): I can read it.

[14:23] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): I can see it sir.

[14:23] Jack Wegener (belladrama): This is a short version - there are several with different length to it - of the BFI, the Big Five Inventory.

[14:24] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Squints a little "I can see it"

[14:24] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now everyone grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen and note down your answers to those questions. You don´t need to note the questions, but the numbers so we can actually work with it.

[14:24] Jack Wegener (belladrama): And do not worry, nobody is gonna see your result but yourself.

[14:25] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Yes Sir.

[14:25] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) Pulls a notepad from her pocket.

[14:25] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Watches Alexia and mirrors the movement, taking a notepad from her skirt, and exhaling as she places it on the desk, then squints again at the screen.

[14:26] Jack Wegener (belladrama): I´m sorry i can´t make it any bigger. You can come closer to the board if you need to.

[14:26] Fawn Cobalt wishes she had brought her reading glasses as she struggles to read the board

[14:27] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) She nods and stands, fluttering her eyes "Thank You Sir" she quietly whispers as she stands a bit closer with her pad and pencil

[14:27] Jack Wegener (belladrama): watches others scribbling

[14:27] Fawn Cobalt finds her glasses in her purse and quickly puts them on

[14:29] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Finishes her scribbling and smiled at Him before trotting rapidly back to her desk

[14:30] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) stops writing down numbers

[14:30] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Shakes her head as she glares at her pad and exhaled

[14:31] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) stops writing.

[14:31] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles to Anna and Alexia nodding, silently giving the others all the time they need to finish

[14:32] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Placed her notepad down and smiled, indicating she too had finished.

[14:32] Jack Wegener (belladrama): nods smiline to Lulubell too

[14:33] Fawn Cobalt finishes writing and puts her pen and notepad down

[14:33] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles to Fawn and straightens up. Good! So you all got your numbers and the question numbers noted, right?

[14:34] Fawn Cobalt: do we add up the numbers?

[14:35] Jack Wegener (belladrama): We do... but. Let me get the sliders to work with me here..

[14:35] Fawn Cobalt smiles and nods

[14:36] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) She raised her hand "Excuse me Mr. Wegener Sir, May I please be excused to tend to something? (IRL) "

[14:36] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Sure, Lulubell. Was a pleassure meeting you, i hope to see you again next week. Leave the room quietly please.

[14:37] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Take care, Lulu. Welcome to Charlotte.

[14:37] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) She nods and smiled "It was a pleasure meeting You too Sir, and thank You for the lesson.." she blushed and curtsied to Him, Miss Soffian and Miss Angelina before leaving the room

[14:37] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) curtsies

[14:37] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now for the rest - this is the scoring instructions for the test you just filled in. Each psychometric test has such instructions so those using them would know how to do that.

[14:37] Lulubell (lilboundcowgirl) Whispered "Thank You" to Alexia as she trotted quietly out

[14:38] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) looks at the screen trying to figure it out.

[14:39] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now one thing you will recognize right away - the Questions you just answered belong to those five categories we were talking about.

[14:39] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So there are some questions that meassure Extraversion, others that meassure Agreeableness. In this Inventory they don´t call it Neuroticism but Negative Emotionality..

[14:40] Jack Wegener (belladrama): The Numbers you see are the numbers of the questions. And then there is an R behind some of them - can you see that?

[14:40] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[14:40] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods

[14:40] Fawn Cobalt nods her head

[14:41] Jack Wegener (belladrama): This R means that an Item is reversed.

[14:42] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Lets see if we can figure out what that means. Let´s not down two or three that got an R behind... Number 1, Number 3 and Number 7

[14:42] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now let me flip back to our questionair.

[14:43] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So... Question Number 1...  Number 3 and Number 7

[14:44] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Can you see something the three of those have in common that makes them different from... lets say Question number 2?

[14:45] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): raises

[14:45] Fawn Cobalt looks over at Anna

[14:46] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles and nods

[14:46] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Yes, Anna?

[14:47] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): 1 3 and 7 are not definitive....I mean the word tends is used and sometimes....but 2 is like more definitive....Is compassioonate, Sir

[14:47] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Other than that..I can tell anyting else

[14:48] Jack Wegener (belladrama): nods. Mhm, i see where you´re coming from there, Anna, well spotted!

[14:49] Jack Wegener (belladrama): But also...

[14:49] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Lets have a look at one.. single category. The first one "Extraversion" you would say Outgoing. winks. The questions that meassure that are 1R, 6, 11, 16, 21R and 26R

[14:50] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now lets take a look at those questions. We want to meassure how extrovert that person is - keep that in mind

[14:50] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Question number 1: "I am someone who tends to be quiet"... does that sound extrovert to you?

[14:51] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) shakes head

[14:51] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles

[14:52] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Lets look to the next... Number 6... "dominant and act as a leader" - sounds extrovert?

[14:52] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods and nods

[14:52] Jack Wegener (belladrama): winks. Okay, next one. Lets jump to 21... that is R again.. "Prefers to have others take charge" - does that sound extrovert?

[14:52] Fawn Cobalt nods

[14:53] Fawn Cobalt shakes her head no

[14:53] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) shakes my head

[14:53] Jack Wegener (belladrama): 11... no R... "Is full of energy" - extrovert or no?

[14:54] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) frowns

[14:54] Fawn Cobalt nods

[14:54] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): I am not sure if that would be introver or extrovert me more like either or both maybe

[14:54] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) raises

[14:55] Jack Wegener (belladrama): nods to Anna. Yes, Alexia?

[14:56] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Anna has a point I think SIr the question about weather you lead or follow too. I don't see what that would have to to with you being an extrovert or not.

[14:56] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): There are plenty of leaders that wenr't exactly outgoing.

[14:56] Jack Wegener (belladrama): nods. That´s a really good thing you two point that out, because here comes in what i told you before about thousands of words describing a person boiled down into 5.

[14:57] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[14:57] Jack Wegener (belladrama): The psycholgical term extraversion means not exactly extrovert as you´d use it in normal day life.

[14:57] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods at that

[14:58] Jack Wegener (belladrama): But it´s somehow easier to imagine that way. So do not get confused if that seems to not fit exactly, because Extraversion is not the term but a category that covers a whole bunch of characteristics.

[14:58] Jack Wegener (belladrama): That is another reason why those instructions are so important - so you know what to do with the question and don´t have to figure that out yourself.

[14:59] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Thank you Alexia.

[14:59] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Thank you, Sir 🙂

[14:59] Jack Wegener (belladrama): You can both sit down, well done.

[14:59] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Thank you Mr Wegener.

[14:59] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Thank you Sir

[15:00] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So... as you might have guessed by now - this R scorings have something to do with the question either meassuring if that person - if they say yes that fits me - would have more.... or less of this Extraversionthing. Makes sense?

[15:00] Fawn Cobalt nods

[15:01] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[15:01] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): nods

[15:01] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles

[15:01] Jack Wegener (belladrama): And that is why some questions need to be "reversed" when you score the test, because the higher someone rated on it, the less that person would have of the thing you want to meassure

[15:03] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So what you do... if a question is reversed at scoring - you pretty much turn it around

[15:03] Jack Wegener (belladrama): You can see those numbers above the answers? 1 to 5?

[15:04] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods and nods

[15:04] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[15:04] Fawn Cobalt nods

[15:04] Jack Wegener (belladrama): That is the points an answer earns.

[15:05] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Now if a question is reversed - you just mirror that. So if someone answers an R question with 1 - you put 5 points. If they answer it with 2 you put 4, 3 is 3, 4 is 2 and 5 is 1.

[15:05] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Makes sense?

[15:05] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) nods

[15:05] Fawn Cobalt smiles and nods

[15:06] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[15:06] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So this... is your homework for today. I will hand the scoring instruction to Anna, who will make sure it ends up in the forums or just hand it out to each of you ... and you will score your own answers until next week.

[15:06] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) smiles and nods

[15:07] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) nods

[15:07] Fawn Cobalt nods

[15:07] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) gets the instructions and tastes it to see if it tastes like peppermint

[15:08] Jack Wegener (belladrama): If you get stuck or need help, try to work together. Team up. Do research. Try to find out how it´s done. Anna, are you licking my papers?

[15:08] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Uhjmmmm.

[15:08] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Nooo Sir!

[15:08] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) looks over at Anna licking the paper with concern

[15:08] Fawn Cobalt looks at Anna and giggles

[15:08] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): That would be...uhmmm...weird

[15:08] Jack Wegener (belladrama): frowns

[15:08] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Miss Soffian, you might need to feed this one better...

[15:08] Fawn Cobalt wonders what score Anna will get on this test

[15:08] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) pats the paper dry with my skirt

[15:09] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) blushes looking at my momma

[15:09] Clara Soffian (clarafilia): She just puts random things in her mouth...  I don't think it's a food thing... I think it's an oral fixation.

[15:09] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Alright. So... i am looking forward to see how you got along next week and if all works out - we will then discover what personalities you got. grins

[15:09] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Oh, i see.

[15:09] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) whispers:  Most people don't complain....

[15:10] Fawn Cobalt gasps

[15:10] Jack Wegener (belladrama): So. Homework is clear?

[15:10] Fawn Cobalt nods her head affirmatively

[15:10] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): Yes Sir...I wil post!

[15:10] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Anna got the scorings and the questionair and will hand it over.

[15:10] Jack Wegener (belladrama): smiles nodding. Brilliant.

[15:10] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan) puts her pen in her pocket keeping it safe from Anna.

[15:10] Alexia McMillan (alexispeach.mcmillan): Clear Sir.

[15:11] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): OH..uhmmmm.......did we do the recorder thingie, Sir?

[15:12] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Does not facepalm because is german but facepalms internally.

[15:12] Clara Soffian (clarafilia): I think we were all distracted by Mr. Wegener's glorious beard.

[15:12] Anna Soffian (annasoffian): It's ok..I can do it the old fashioned way sir!

[15:12] Jack Wegener (belladrama): That´s most appreciated Anna, thank you.

[15:12] Anna Soffian (annasoffian) beams

[15:13] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Then... let me wish you all a wonderful evening or day or what it may be in your place. And i hope to see you all next week.

[15:13] Jack Wegener (belladrama): Thank you for your attention, class is dismissed.

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