Miss Sky is the Headmistress of Queen Charlotte, while young in the grand scope of this illustrious schools history, she is loyal and dedicated to furthering its reach and vision.

A lifelong learner, Miss Sky strives to take in the world around her and grow from it. Strict with a strong sense of right and wrong, she values fairness, reason and logic, alongside a careful consideration for kindness and compassion in her approach to Charlotte’s.

Miss Sky is very interested in technical topics and the sciences, like Astronomy, Cosmology, Aviation Basics and Aviation History. She enjoys conversations about these topics, however, she is also artistic in many ways, poetry and sketch work being a her main focus among other artistic hobbies. Ask her about her poems if you like!

She is an open book, if you seek to understand her or confide something in her she will not turn you away. Please do not be afraid to come to her with your worries, or even just to have a conversation.