Grace Diana Joy Pi’ne


♥ What Princess says goes.

I very much prefer to be called Miss Grace in school, because of many reasons that built up in time. Reading my SL profile is something you should do before trying anything with me.

I have founded Charlotte, so I care deeply about this place and I dedicate a lot of time to the school. I have 6 years experience with running this kind of place.

I’m Charlotte-Alyona Island Queen, because I founded it, fought for it, run it, pay for it and because in SL people are all kind of things that expresses them. I come from nobility 5 generations ago RL if that maters (*like one quarter of Europe) :P.

I am into Dancing, Music, Shopping, Makeovers, Arts, Decorating (SL included) and photography click click. And other, stuff.

I get moody, quirky and with my head all over the place, and my daughter says I’m whiny, but since then I try to make her pay for that. Melody is my daughter (and partner, girlfriend, sub, plushie toy, kitten, cheerleader trainee and other things) who I love insanely a lot. It’s been said I have a temper. Sometimes I lash at people really bad if they step on my toes in the wrong moment, oopsie.

I’m playful and ❤ when people let go around me, same way I do around them in my way. I’m childish often, but don’t think anything because of that, you’ll have cute sss-shock. Sometimes undeserved things happen to me, and if you have a problem with that, when I catch you you’ll have another sssss-shock.

Pet peeves: actual rudeness, because I’m a European, topping from the bottom, thinking I’m a talking paddle, expecting me to entertain you, people that don’t try to learn and think they knowitall, trying to put me in your little box, upsetting my cookie daughter. Misogyny, racism and everything you can read in our community principles, are also some of my pet peeves.
Not respecting my boundaries.

I’m on SocialVR and flickr and this is my blog.