Meet Us !

Miss Melanie Vanalten


School Headmistress | Geography Teacher | Riding Club| Management

Miss Melanie is the Headmistress of Queen Charlotte’s Finishing School. An experienced yet relatively youthful staff member, Miss Melanie enjoys her time with staff and students alike. She has a mature yet playful outlook, and prides herself on developing all of the students of Charlotte’s Finishing School into delightful young members of society. She is highly approachable and open to discussions on a wide range of subjects including world affairs and the arts. She teaches geography and runs horse riding club.

Miss Clara Soffian

Deputy Head

Deputy Head | Drama Teacher | Sailing Club | Management

Miss Soffian is the Deputy Headmistress of the Queen Charlotte’s Finishing School and as an alumna of the school, is an example of the quality education to be gained in its halls. Miss Soffian became a student soon after the school was founded gaining both academic and leadership distinction to include being named the Head Girl. Upon her graduation, Miss Soffian accepted a staff position at the school, quickly rising to the rank of Deputy Headmistress. She has an engaging personality with the students as a teacher of sailing and drama, as well as performing her management duties.

Grace Diana

Art Teacher & Secretarial

Arts teacher | Dance | Social presence | Design & Gardening | Admission Coordinator | Secretarial | Founder | Charlotte queenprincess
Silly art teacher, secretary & admin, but sometimes cute dragon that’ll eat your head if I have too ^^ yum heads.

Her Royal Highness, example of super behaved and never in trouble.
Moving admission papers around, general secretarial duties and gardening or moving beds around. Dance and art classes and Sr. Chocolate & Ice-cream Inspector. Perfect life example that that royalty usually gets away with it.
Happy Moondaisy Scout outside school and manages the islands accommodations, facilities, birds and trees.

Anna Soffian

Student Representative

Anna Soffian is the Student Representative at the school and is a senior student with the responsibility of acting as an interface between students and school management. This is most important with new students who may be reluctant to approach senior staff with issues. She also leads the Student Council which is comprised of students who meet to discuss projects and activities that can be proposed. Anna is passionate and committed to the school and does her part to ensure student fulfillment.

Catherine Palen

Sapphire House Leader

Catherine Palen is one of the prefects at Charlotte Finishing School. She is also head of Sapphire House. She is very committed to her house, makes sure her pupils are well behaved and engaged, and committed to perform when competitions happen between the houses. She is easy to talk to and will always make sure all students feel at home. She is pretty strict with the house dorm cleanliness, you better know where to find the vacuums.