Laws of the land

Also called community principles.

Bellow laws are applicable at any time, role play or not. E.g. Saying you Role-Play a racist, will get you banned.

Anyone on Charlotte islands, Alyona, Boleyn, Cavalier de Vent or any connected Charlotte land (E.g. Riding Lodge, Sailing huts), should respect these laws, rules and principles.

Members are asked to report any breakage of these laws to upper management immediately. If you wish you can report anonymously, while submitting relevant chat log or screen captures, by anonymous e-mail to . Second Life TOS does not apply to what you share outside Second Life.

I. Land management decisions are final non debatable.

Islands Owners & Top Management are Grace Diana Pi’ne and Clara Soffian.

Everyone has an obligation to report any breaking of the laws in this document to them. Not reporting, makes you accomplice.

II. Linden TOS applies, breaking TOS breaks these laws.

III. Consent. Consent can be implied as part of the role (E.g. Charlotte Finishing School, amended with the Discipline Consent Form), otherwise consent should be respected.

IV. Charlotte Image. Anyone connected with Charlotte, should uphold Charlotte image at all times.

E.g. Is not acceptable to have a profile pick with your jail time which you are doing when outside the islands.

Our logos, crests or any visual elements should not be used without management approval.

V. IP and Copyright. Any creation done for the benefit of the Charlotte by its members are considered a donation towards Charlotte, unless the creator asks to agree a different license.

VI. Realism and immersivity. On Charlotte land, realism should generally be uphold, in all the ways we can express it, including visually. We don’t fly, drop from the sky on people heads, we don’t hold invisible objects, we don’t carry beds in our bag etc.

We prefer to translate everything in realistic terms, e.g. reading someone’s profile to know about them, can be expressed as “read their social profile” etc

Power playing is accepted in D/s situations, from D to /s, but should be used with common sense.

VII. Right to Reasonable Privacy. Our members are entitled to privacy about their First Life, nobody is allowed to force or intimated anyone else to offer any detail they are not comfortable with.

Residents living anywhere on our grounds are allowed to privacy in their homes, garden and private space on their property. Watching them from the distance (camming) is forbidden.

Anyone in public spaces should also not be spied from the distance, unless there’s a reason to. For the sake of a relative realism, it’s allowed to do so if standing at the window, from up a window or in any location that would have visibility, but camming on Charlottes in their room from school reception is not allowed.

VIII. Charlotte is not an adoption center, we are all a family and don’t come here to hunt for new members.

Taking members out of our islands or to private places, without management approval or strong reasons is not allowed.

Any way of promoting places who’s audience intersect with Charlotte target audience, is forbidden without specific management approval. E.g. Mentioning the name of some other school of same kind with Charlotte, saying that your house is an open D/s place and so on.

IX. No racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, intolerance towards any minority or usage of ethnic slurs.

X. No attitudes supporting rape, kidnapping, human trafficking in or out of our islands.

XI. Firearms, explosives or similar activities are strictly forbidden.

XII. Religious or political activism of any kind is strictly forbidden.

XIII. Gender shaming, especially about any form of gender fluidity is absolutely forbidden.