If you want to change your SL and give yourself something meaningful to do, Queen Charlotte Finishing School is looking for a HEADMISTRESS. Headmasters will be also be considered.

The role is a low management role, so if you’re the right personality, you’ll get to have a lot of fun, no building or school rules writing involved, while you can discuss and suggest changes.

The Headmistress will:

  • Work directly under Charlotte top management, made of Miss Grace and Miss Soffian. School direction, decorations, school aspect etc will still be decided by Miss Grace, that will manage all Charlotte Island and projects on the Island.
  • Enforce school rules and school discipline, will coordinate and organize students and staff in tone with the school structure and idea.
  • Have management decision in school day by day issues.
  • Be able to suggest changes in school, which will be seriously considered.
  • With time, the headmistress might be given more management powers, if the person fits the role and they’d like to, if not we’re happy with a more playful role, while keeping management on the Queen’s side, Miss Grace.
  • Be transparent about any alts. This role should be your main reason in SL.

You should:

  • Know how to use SL basics, communicate in English
  • Have a strong dominant side, be assertive and not shy. Should be able to function independently, without crossing boundaries.
  • Be good at corporal punishment. We can teach you the skills, but we can’t teach you the personality for it.
  • Be headmistress-appropriate
  • Be online and dedicated to charlotte at least 2 hours / day in average.
  • Mesh avatar, if you need one we will buy for you
  • Be open to criticism and discussion and understand that, school top management will still be Miss Grace for the close future.
  • Be willing to be dedicated to Charlotte 100 %. No other sims to go daily, no other schools. You will be given a lovely house on campus, which you will use.

You will be trained and taught in anything you might need.
Terms can be discussed, and we see this as a progressive thing.
Minimum first 4 months will be testing and learning. If it doesn’t work, we’ll revert the role with no drama.

To discuss, write to Miss Grace [ Grace Diana Joy Pi’ne (gracestalker) ]

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