Miss Erin Sky is appointed School Headmistress.

We did talked a lot with Miss Sky, and recognize her qualities into being a good headmistress for the school, a strong and strict image and level headed enough to trust her with this role, and we’ll have a close communication for everything that concerns the school.

Miss Grace ~ I still am Charlotte Finishing School owner, will decide school direction, aspect, handle big dramas and so on.
I will focus on expanding Charlotte Island, so other roles will come up around the school for me in the future.

Miss Soffian ~ while in school she is deputy head as a role, her authority comes from management line, she’s the second person in school management wise, after me.

So to reflect in a realistic and fun way land ownership, we’re a monarchy (authoritarian 🙂 ) which trusted Miss Sky with one of the facilities on our land, Charlotte Finishing. Anna also is royal 🙁 yes. Let’s wash royalty ! I want to say queens, but I’m not sure where we have to include the Lindens. Something like Lindens are Germany ?

Some first notes which some of you will think about:

We will not become an AB place, it was discussed.

Greetings should be done in order to me, Miss Soffian, Miss Sky. But authority in leaving, coming and so on, on school grounds, discipline, comes first to Miss Sky (e.g. so you’ll ask her to be excused first). Exception are my daughter and Anna Soffian.

Dramas bring to me still. Any idea that involves something changed in school, to me, requests for dorm furniture, to me.

I will still handle boarding girls, as I promised.

Miss Sky will transition slowly, so if you’re not sure about something, come to me. I will try not to micromanage too much, but I’ll ask our lovely girls and boys not to see this as a way to cross me, because my cute eastern-latin temper will make me scream and do things we’re both going to regret :).

Other changes in school rules and writings to reflect this and delimit things clearly, will happen.

But don’t go over Miss Sky’s head, if it’s something that should go to her, it will get us all unhappy and an unhappy Miss Grace makes Santa cry, but also don’t try to influence me by going through Miss Sky, if I or Clara say NO, it’s a NO, unless we have some other kind of relationship which I don’t have with any of our students ! 🙂

Any questions you have right now come directly to me.

Congratulations Miss Sky, good luck and thank you.

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