As you know, the kingdom of Charlotte has to pay monthly taxes to the kingdom federation of WRE that pay in their turn to the world leader the Lindonnus,.

Our taxes are severely high, and even if the queen of Pine can afford them, and Charlotte won’t close without donations, help is always very appreciated, and I thank a lot to the ones that already do help, as the Pine queen also pays for other things, from tiny wheels to make all kind of objects work (scripts) to all kind of school decorations, paints (textures), buildings, camps, website, animations and so on.

Donations are highly appreciated but not mandatory. Do not donate to obtain a management leverage or preferential treatment. You will be returned the money if that is your agenda – you donate to altruistically help, not to artificially climb any ladder.
Donations should be done through the donation points (the wishing well or the wall fountains in the school yard), always check the money receiver is “Stiina Diana N. Pi’ne (christina.aedipo)” or Grace Diana N. Pi’ne (GraceStalker). Nobody else is allowed to accept donations for the school, unless approved and publicly stated otherwise.

So there are a few options to donate, to make things less dry. Some have a minimum, some not.

If someone wishes to donate for a specific reason or specific school project, please discuss with management beforehand.

If Donations will exceed 250 EUR – 60,000L$ (which is SIM RENT) plus monthly other expenses (usually 50 EUR), will be published a monthly report (donors will not be named) with money remaining for next rent.

Plant a tree

If you want to help with the sim rent regularly, you can donate monthly (minimum 2000 L$/month, maximum as you wish) and we can plant a tree somewhere on the island, which will have on it a plaque with any message you want (nothing rude). You’ll also get a bench next to it to contemplate your message. The tree can be set to remind you when it’s due to re-water it with $$$.

To do this, please contact Miss Grace Pine, mentioning the sum you want to donate monthly to support your tree and the message.

Trees can be replanted based on various needs of the island. The only guarantee we offer is that the tree will always be around, unless the dizzy queen removes it by mistake, case in which someone should nudge her.

“Medical insurance”

If you wish to have medical insurance, you can donate monthly (minimum 2000 L$/month, maximum as you wish) and you’ll receive medical insurance papers in case any serious injuries come to you.

But of course the school has it’s default medical insurance if you can’t pay.

To do this, please contact Miss Grace Pine, mentioning the sum you want to donate monthly and any preexisting conditions you have and it will be set up.

The medical insurance is offered through a third party. Charlotte carries no legal liability for the third party honouring the medical claims that are raised to it. Pre-existing medical conditions like brattiness are not covered !

“Pay school taxes”
(minimum 1000 L$ / month)

Even if our selected special students do not have to pay taxes, you can chose to do so. Reminder will be send each time it’s due. Talk with Miss Grace Pi’ne to arrange such a payment.

To do this, please contact Miss Grace Pine, mentioning the sum you want to pay monthly for school taxes

The well

There’s a well outside the main campus entrance and two wall fountains in the main yard. Toss some coins now and then there and make a wish. That’s it.

There is no guarantee of the wish happening. Charlotte Kingdom has no legal rights into mingling in the magic affairs that govern the wish fairy. We are not legally liable for any wishes that went the wrong way or didn’t happen.

To do this, please contact Miss Grace Pine, simply pay the well or the wall fountains.

Stable stalls

You can rent a stable stall for your horse. If you’re already involved in school in other ways, you were already given one and you don’t have to pay.

You will get your own stable stall and a plaque with your horse name and your name on it.
Price is 4000 L$ / month, and your horse can’t be more than 100 prims or not to create a lot of lag. This is not a 1:1 correspondence with price / prim, as these money are meant for donations.

To do this, please contact Miss Grace Pine.