Q: Do I have to pay to be a member here
A: No, Charlotte is free, non-profit and ran through volunteer efforts.

Q: What are the requirements to apply?
A: 18 SL & RL. Mesh body required, head is strongly recommended. Respecting our appearance guidelines about your avatar look. You should speak English and have a basic knowledge of SL. If you are less than 30 days old in SL but want to apply, contact the headmistress. Your personality should be suited for us.

Q: What can I enroll as?
A: Students, Maids, Teachers, other stuff are all welcome. We can adjust and we are flexible, e.g. as staff you don’t necessarily have to teach.

Q: When are your most active times?
A: Europe evenings 12-3 PM SLT and Americas 5-8 PM SLT. We are spread on many time zones, and you should always strive to create your own fun and engage people at any time !

Q: Do I have to be present in all classes as a student?
A: If you are online, generally yes, but amendments can be made. If you are not online, due to RL or any reason, no.

Q: Is this school only about classes?
A: No, but classes and school is part of us.

Q: As a student, do I need to be corporally punished or punished in similar ways?
A: No. You can opt-out at admission, and if needed you can get extra homework or essays, as usual school punishments.

Q: D/s wise, do you do more than corporal punishment ?
A: Yes ! Even if main punishment is corporal punishment, there’s way more happening in Charlotte behind very closed doors. Our staff [ under mutual agreement ] might consider in some occasions that some girls or boys need special tutoring or training, that will employ other methods than the usual ones.

Q: What about sex?
A: Sex is not forbidden, but we are not a sex place. Explicit sex however, especially in public areas, is forbidden. Sex should be kept private, as most of the people do in First Life.

Q: As a student, am I allowed to misbehave and get in trouble?
A: We know our students will sometimes misbehave and consequences will happen. Nobody will be kicked out for usual misbehaving, but we do expect a reasonable level.

Q: What is S(R)L?
A: S(R)L means “matching” the punishments you chose, in RL. It’s opt-in basis, and always happens under the S(R)L specific limits set by the student.