School leadership is made of:

  • Lovely Queen of Alyona Miss Grace; Owner of Alyona, School Founder, Top Management
  • Lovely Queen of Boleyn Police Chief of Charlotte Miss Soffian; Owner of Boleyn, Top Management
  • Miss Sky, School Headmistress.

Top management noted as TM; Can mean Any or Both; School Headmistress Noted as HM.

For the time being, Miss Sky should consult everything on this list or not with Miss Grace and Miss Soffian, for the first 4 months of testing & learning. Please also let me know if you think Miss Sky is not doing something right so I can help her, I think it’s better than going to her, and I will filter it myself, because she might be doing the right things and you be in the wrong. We all learned and it’s better not to know and be taught, than not know and think you do, but do wrong. Miss Sky is lovely open to learning.

Below delimitation will happen in time.

TM will always hold veto decision, which will be used only with reason.

Queen Grace :))

Boarding Program Admissions and handling (Will Consult with HM).
School Major Changes (Name, Layout, Idea, expansion, reduction): Miss Grace / consulting with Miss Soffian.
Full Authority & Power Anywhere outside school gates in Alyona island; Miss Soffian has in Boleyn island. They will consult one with another.
Decorations & Design, for Campus, Ads, anything visual and important.
Special Limits.

Top Management (TM):

School layout changes, school rules changes, school furniture changes: Miss Grace / consulting with TM & HM.
Staff Hiring and expulsion: TM & HM
Enforcing Community Principles: TM
Expulsions from Boleyn & Alyona Grounds of anyone: TM
Major Drama Handling: TM

School Headmistress (HM):

Charlotte & Auxiliary Staff Admissions: HM
School Disciplinary Decisions; Upholding school discipline: HM*
Main Disciplinary Authority in School: HM*
Charlottes Book rules changes: HM; Needs to be OKed by Miss Grace
School Events Approval: HM
Promotions and Demotions of Trusted and Helpers: HM
Small in school drama handling
OKing student requests and suggestions. The ones for TM should be sent directly to TM.
School Expulsions of Charlottes: HM (Need ok with Miss Grace, especially for old members).
Sweets for the Queen: HM

* Except Charlottes with Special Limits; There is no disciplinary authority over staff by default, only if consented;

Authority & Respect

In school for non management stuff, Miss Sky will have more bossing powers than anyone else, but this will be used with diplomacy towards everyone, from TM to Trusteds.

e.g. Unless it’s some playful situation like Miss Soffian being a br-eccentric or small thing, shouldn’t cross order given by Miss Grace or Miss Soffian. On TM side, unless it’s some playful situation like Miss Soffian being a br-eccentric, we will not cross Miss Sky’s orders.

This will be organic and situational, but frowns because of crossovers will exist because that’s how people are, but it’s important we’ll just handle them with smiles and swatting some Charlotte :). Powers conflict all the time in a place like this, it’s important if we treat this with some genuine playfulness and not drama.