As part of our school, we have a small make-over team that can help you:

  • find a good looking mesh body and head and create a realistic, aesthetically pleasant and proportionate shape for it
  • offer skin options, guide you to options for everyone budged
  • recommend some clothes and hair stores
  • teach you how to use your mesh body and head.
  • This is free of charge, but you will have to pay for what you buy. They might be able to help you with cheaper options or discounts.
  • In order to get help, you’ll need to tell them your budget and how you expect to look.

For people older than a month in school, if you need some financial support for mesh body or head please ask Miss Grace.

Our team is composed of two girls, one that is a RL artist, one that is a connoisseur of SL fashion and stores and two boys with good technical and aesthetic skills. They are supervised by the school headmistress.

If in need of their help, contact Miss Grace.