Part of our island is Charlotte Inn, a beautiful elegant and rustic Inn, next to the stables.

Permanent room in the Inn are available with priority for active members of Charlotte Faculty Staff


  • You must be active in school. The rooms are offered so you can be close to the community, not to have a place to park yourself between travels to other places.
  • You must obey by our community rules and principles.
  • There is no rent requirement. If you want to agree a rent to help the school and feel more realistic about having a room, that’s welcomed. Price varies from 1 L$ / day to 1 million L$ / day. For 1 million chandelier with crystals will be installed to your room.
  • All needed furniture should be discussed with me, due to prims and lag. I will be happy to accommodate most of the requests. TV and functional mailbox will be added to the room upon rental.
  • Charlotte Students can’t rent in the Inn, they have the dorm.
  • You can bring friends and enjoy your time with them there, with no limit, as long as they also follow our rules.

Temporary Room

If you are not part of our staff and wish a room in the Inn, it can be rented to you for 3 days, if you wish to enjoy our school surroundings. Each three times, the lease can be renewed if nobody from our staff needs a room. The rent is 1 L$ / day.

Current Inn keeper is Miss Grace. If interested in having an Inn Keeper position, please contact me. You need to be active and involved in it.