Prior to my admission at Queen Charlotte, I was somewhat adrift, searching a means by which I could inject some routine, balance and a sense of family into my SL life. A chance encounter put me at the gates of this wonderful school, where, after a few warm conversations with students and some more guiding ones with staff, I was ushered inside, given a uniform and have never left. If you are looking for a fully immersive environment, where all aspects of daily life are catered for, in addition to a fulfilling, diverse and mind expanding student program, then Queen Charlotte is the place for you. I cannot recommend the school enough. Ps. Be a boarder. Hang out with me.


What is Queen Charlotte to me? Queen Charlotte is my home. It’s where I found my family, and where my family grows. Queen Charlotte is the mastermind of Miss Grace Pi’ne. I’ve never met another person in SL or RL with the same mental energy as Miss Grace, and it’s her ideas and vision that have created the best school in Second Life. She strives to provide the best school atmosphere, class content, and social interaction anyone can expect and more. This foundation of excellence has attracted only the best in administration, teaching staff, and student body. Over the years, I’ve had great fun, loved and lost love, made and lost friends, been challenged like I never expected, and lo and behold, actually learned a GREAT deal, in class and outside of class. I actually can’t think of a more real place in SL expressed through the lens of school life. I’ve been with Queen Charlotte since it’s inception, and I still struggle to find words that aptly describe the experience, but I think HOME might come close


Everyone at Queen Charlotte welcomed me with open arms. The school has a really good settling in and transition period for newcomers. In addition to offering full support when learning the rules and school life, they also take the time to get to know you and understand your reasons for wishing to be a Charlotte. I have already made many friends in such a short period of time and even though a school, it feels sometimes like a family, seeing the same familiar faces each and every day. I also like the curriculum classes and scouts. Scouts offers me a chance to be busy completing badges of my choice between lessons, which are always really good fun and there are many you can share with others which helps when new and making friends. I am finding Charlotte life very addictive in all the best possible ways.

Grace About Charlotte

I founded Charlottes ages ago, I count the school before times too. And here I meet friends, love, interesting and awesome people and this place went through all the changes with me, and I went with it.

It’s magic, and you don’t know that if you’re not with us.

Charlotte is awesome, and I can steal students sweets !