Be a Charlotte

To apply as a student, you have to read the info below and then use the apply button at the end. You will be quizzed from the info here, so don’t skip it !

Our principles

We are founded in the same principles as anything else in Charlotte Islands, on the idea that Second Life is a playground for our brain and fantasy, that lets us express ourselves it visual and text ways.

Charlotte is aimed at people who seek in Second Life to express themselves or parts of themselves, not at characters or people that seek a purist Role Play environment with strict delimitation, unless you role-play yourself.

You would be a student because you want to relive your youth years in this perspective, because you crave a teacher-student kind of D/s relationship, or because you enjoy school and always feel like a student !

There is no strong IC/OOC separation here, or “I was only role-playing” excuse. We are not a full blown Role Play sim, but a place where lifestylers are welcomed

In Charlotte, Corporal Punishment, mostly spanking and other kinds of punishments happen. They can be opted-out at admission, all except usual school punishments like lines or essays.

You should realism, through emotes, visuals, movement, sounds and things happening how they would happen in Real Life.

Our Profile

As SL inhabitants, we live in the present RL time period, we exists now and you interact with us in the current year.

We are a modern finishing school in the sense that we try to teach our students to have better manners and high society skills, like arts, social skills, dancing, how to mix colors etc.

We do not expect our pupils to be very uptight. We curtsy, princesses curtsy but some of them were also pretty rebellious or naughty. We do not learn how to be good traditional wives, moms or dads.

Our staff can be strong and strict, or peculiar with their pet peeves, we also accept a wide range of personalities. It’s been heard that sometimes, some of them enjoy making a Charlotte’s life difficult, or that their integrity could seem to lack, but it’s just a way to express their nobleness.

Any Charlotte can be spoiled, bratty, quirky, misfit, childish, sometimes rebellious or behaved and proper, striving to obey and please. As long as they understand that not following rules will have consequences, anyone is accepted.

Most of our Charlottes Students come from already disciplined families or relationships, so they are not stranger to punishment. Some of them might have developed a love hate relationship with them. Others might even flaunt their love for a spanking, which can always be punished in less pleasant ways as lack of shame. Our staff is equipped to find what works for every naughty Charlotte that decides to misbehave.

We are not a waywards or misfits school, a gangs place, a jail, BDSM prison or Sex School. We are not a religious place, a reform school, an American like High School.


We strive to educate in different ways.

We have classes with real content, and even classes like ballet offer learning movements through visual representation.

Beyond classes, we try to educate personality, decorum, being a better, polite person, in a way that should shape our Charlottes SL interactions, or even RL.

Our Community Principles

Community principles aka Laws of The Land govern over everything on Charlotte Land. Breaking them will get you banned, suspended or severely warned.

They can be read here.

Other Info

Charlotte is free but you might need to buy accessories for your uniform (tights, shoes, underwear etc), approved by the school. If you pass the admission quiz with more than 80/100 and you have financial issues, the school will discount them when you are fully admitted.

You can enroll as Student, Teachers, other staff are all welcome. We can adjust and we are flexible, e.g. as staff you don’t necessarily have to teach or you don’t have to punish anyone.

Staff can teach or handle discipline or other school duties or a mix of these.

Most active times are Europe evenings 12-3 PM SLT and Americas 5-8 PM SLT. We are spread on many time zones, and you should always strive to create your own fun and engage people at any time ! If your time zone is not active, join us and let’s make it active !

Sex is not forbidden, but we are not a sex place. Explicit sex, especially in public areas, is forbidden. Sex should be kept private, as most of the people do in First Life.

Requirements to Apply

For everyone

  • Human, adult looking
  • Minimum 30 days in Second Life & Basic knowledge of Second life
  • Can communicate in English
  • Able to express yourself realistically in emotes and visuals. Understand how to be realistic (e.g. Not TP in the middle of the room, not to break immersion by breaking the fourth wall if not needed etc).
  • Mesh body, head strongly recommended, minimum height measured by our standards, that are set after our SL:RL size proportion spread all through the sims
  • SL profile that would not clash too much with being our member. Being adults, there is no issue with A rated groups, but we will not accept members that are part time escorts or slave traders (example), if that’s clearly visible in their profile (e.g. Main Page) or will intersect too much with our school. Groups that will clash with Our Community Principles will clearly not be accepted (E.g. Having Mysogyne club in one’s profile, or other groups disrespectful to our principles.
  • You will be involved and present as much as you can, creating content same as everyone else.
  • You will read our school notices and Discord announcements to be up to date with important changes & news, we use Discord for general text chat and fun.

For students

  • To know the School Rules and to obey school staff. We know students break rules and sometimes disobey, and that’s okay, but repeatedly doing it to disrupt everyone else will not be accepted.
  • To be present to classes & official school activities, if online, unless agreed otherwise at admission.
  • To accept punishments for breaking the rules, in the limits of your discipline consent form, which is filled at admission.

For Staff

  • If teaching staff, to hold a regular class
  • To engage the Charlottes, punish, admonish, correct when needed or report to someone that will handle punishments.
  • To understand the difference between punishment and funishment.
  • To respect Discipline Consent Form at all times