Welcome on your journey to be a CHARLOTTE.

To apply as a teacher, please write the headmistress directly, after reading our rules fully.


For future Charlottes, to be accepted as Prep you must have read the Charlotte Basics, in the website Library. It is recommended to browse, if not learn, the other books.


Use our measure to adjust your height. Ask any Charlotte to help you.
After you submitted your application, you will be sent a quiz, and when passed with minimum 50, a Prep Uniform. During the Prep uniform you’re expected to read all the other rules.
Come to school, get involved, interact and learn the Charlottes Way. Being visible will weight in your application, do not just drop your application and forget about it.
If you don’t receive any answer in two days, contact Miss Grace, School Headmistress.

To Apply, click here: APPLICATION FORM