Charlotte Finishing School is a present day school, with classes that have a good mix between content and playfulness and we have a focus on discipline end etiquette.

We are located in a beautiful place, with 3 regions to explore !

Our approach is Real-Play instead of Role-Play, we’re a place where you can be yourself and interact genuinely with others, through emotes, visuals and other means.

Punishment happens as part of school life, in the limits of the consent forms signed by the pupils or their guardians/parents/etc at admission. Part of that can be S(R)L, our own idea, on opt-in basis, for anyone who wishes to extend some of the D/s world they live in, into their RL (E.g. Self spanking, following tasks etc, no proof required or privacy invasion more than you allow.)

We offer free accommodation to staff or students that need.