Queen Charlotte is a Finishing School, with an emphasis on performing arts and humanistic disciplines, dance and ballet.

We uphold traditional values about obedience, discipline, decorum and punishment when needed. We expect our students, which we call Charlottes, to follow the rule or accept punishments.

Queen Charlotte is founded on the idea that Second Life is a playground for our brain and fantasy.

Queen Charlotte offers a “Real Play” as opposed to the traditional “Role Play”, inviting you to live your Second Life as an actual life, in which you express a part of yourself. You can see Queen Charlotte as a First Life school founded on the same principles, where you’d want to enroll. We don’t ask anyone to fake who they are or invent characters, but to express themselves and build meaningful relationships that we can’t in First Life.

Members & School Profile

Queen Charlotte happens in the present time period, as it exists now and you interact with us in the current year.

Charlotte is a private finishing school which comes with some expectations from our members.

Our big CHARLOTTES family, including staff, should be aristocratic, not on papers, but in souls. Educated and proper, or striving to better themselves in that direction if students, sometimes spoiled, sometimes quirky, misfit or social butterflies, childish with immature whims, some will be teachers pets, others will be more rebellious, we have our door open for many personality types, as long as the basic profile is filled.

Our staff can be strong and strict, or peculiar with their pet peeves, we also accept a wide range of personalities.

Most of our Charlottes Students come from already disciplined families or relationships, so they are not stranger to punishment. Some of them might have developed a love hate relationship with them. Others might even flaunt their love for a spanking around, which can always be punished in less pleasant ways as lack of shame. Our staff is equipped to find what works for every naughty Charlotte that decides to misbehave.

Charlotte is not a waywards or misfits school, a gangs place, a jail, BDSM prison or Sex School. We are not a religious place, a reform school, an American like High School.

Charlotte is molded after RL schools, with some special sparks and SL magic added.

Play & Realism

Charlotte is not a Role Play purist place, but our members should be capable to express themselves through the means given by the Second World in which Charlotte Exists.

Do not expect a paragraph roleplay place, with fixed rules by the book, a total separation “IC/OOC” or lack of sensitivity under the “I was only role-playing” umbrella.

Expect realism, through emotes, visuals, movement, sounds and things happening how they would happen in Real Life.


Charlotte strives to educate. We have classes with real content, and even classes like ballet offer learning movements through visual representation.

Beyond classes, Charlotte tries to educate personality, decorum, being a better, more polite person, in a way that should shape our Charlottes SL interactions, if not RL for some.

And especially for our students, Charlotte shapes a specific part of them into learning how to obey, when to obey, when not to obey, when one went too far.