We are

Queen Charlotte is a Finishing School, aimed at young adults (legal of age) that either need help with improving their etiquette and behavior or to be kept under control and strict punishment.

We offer classes with real content, ballet, as well a fun and friendly community, while guided by attentive and educated staff.

We use corporal punishment, humiliating punishments, school punishment like essays, lines etc and other punishments.

Students are called Charlotte, they start as Preps, advance to Debutants then to final Charlotte. They can be promoted to Helpers or Trusted Charlottes, that have disciplinary powers. Trusted Charlottes are extraordinary involved in the school.

Staff can join as teaching staff and/or tutors, that will handle discipline. We’re also open to doctors, nurses, maids, secretary, auxiliary staff etc

In Charlotte, we mix school and punishment, in a realistic and immersive manner, surrounded by a lovely community.

A few important points

  • Realism & Immersion: An approach of Real Play instead of Role Play, we’re a place where you can be yourself and interact genuinely with others.
  • Discipline & Punishment: We have rules to hold discipline in place and creative varying punishments.
  • Boarding: We have a strong boarding program, with 14 active boarders! Boarders are the Charlottes that live in our school at all times, and are our students everywhere they go to. They have a parent, in the form of the school
  • Ballet and Dance classes, using our own Visual Learning system and Spot On
  • S(R)L, our own idea, on opt-in basis, for anyone who wishes to extend some of the D/s world they live in, into their RL. Self spanking, following tasks etc, no proof required or privacy invasion more than you allow.

Second Life & Immersion

Queen Charlotte is founded on the idea that Second Life is a playground for our brain and fantasy.

We are aimed at people who seek in Second Life to express themselves or parts of themselves, not at characters or people that seek a purist Role Play environment with strict delimitation, unless you role-play yourself.

You would be a student because you want to relive your youth years in this perspective, because you crave a teacher-student kind of D/s relationship, or because you enjoy school and always feel like a student !

Kink-friendly: Posh Charlotte and staff might enjoy out of the ordinary activities, but such should be done subtle and not bragged about. But we are not a place where you can just dive in without firstly knowing the community, it’s what makes us a safe space.

While we do that, we still express our interactions here in an immersive and expressive way.

  • Charlotte is a place where you’ll express yourself or parts of yourself.
  • There is no strong IC/OOC separation here, or “I was only role-playing” excuse. Charlotte is not a full blown Role Play sim, but a place where lifestylers are welcomed.
  • Expect realism, through emotes, visuals, movement, sounds and things happening how they would happen in Real Life.

Members Profile & School Profile

Queen Charlotte happens in the present time period, as it exists now and you interact with us in the current year.

Charlotte Finishing School is part of Charlotte Islands, a two regions big land and water, connected with the school. Charlotte Finishing School together with Alyona is owned by Queen Grace, while Boleyn Island is owned by Miss Clara Soffian, who is school deputy head. They are the Queens of the lands, and Charlotte Islands union are a well established Monarchy, not a democracy.

Miss Erin Sky is School Headmistress by the school council, made from above mentioned.

Charlotte is a modern finishing school in the sense that we try to teach our students to have better manners and high society skills, like arts, social skills, dancing, how to mix colors 🙂 etc. It does not expect our Charlottes to be very uptight, but not trashy either. We curtsy, princesses curtsy but some of them were also pretty rebellious or naughty. We do not learn how to be good traditional wives, moms or dads.

Our staff can be strong and strict, or peculiar with their pet peeves, we also accept a wide range of personalities. It’s been heard that sometimes, some of them enjoy making a Charlotte’s life difficult, or that their integrity could seem to lack, but it’s just a way to express their nobleness :).

Our Charlottes can be spoiled, bratty, quirky, misfit, childish, sometimes rebellious or behaved and proper, striving to obey and please. As long as they understand that not following rules will have consequences, anyone is accepted.

Most of our Charlottes Students come from already disciplined families or relationships, so they are not stranger to punishment. Some of them might have developed a love hate relationship with them. Others might even flaunt their love for a spanking, which can always be punished in less pleasant ways as lack of shame. Our staff is equipped to find what works for every naughty Charlotte that decides to misbehave.

Charlotte is not a waywards or misfits school, a gangs place, a jail, BDSM prison or Sex School. We are not a religious place, a reform school, an American like High School.


Charlotte strives to educate in different ways.

We have classes with real content, and even classes like ballet offer learning movements through visual representation.

Beyond classes, Charlotte tries to educate personality, decorum, being a better, polite person, in a way that should shape our Charlottes SL interactions, or even RL.

Other Info

Charlotte is free but you will need to buy accessories for your uniform (tights, shoes, underwear), approved by the school. If you pass the quiz with 100/100 and you have financial issues, the school will discount them, if your involvement is certain.

You can enroll as Student, Maids, Teachers, other staff are all welcome. We can adjust and we are flexible, e.g. as staff you don’t necessarily have to teach.

Most active times are Europe evenings 12-3 PM SLT and Americas 5-8 PM SLT. We are spread on many time zones, and you should always strive to create your own fun and engage people at any time ! If your time zone is not active, join us and let’s make it active !

Sex is not forbidden, but we are not a sex place. Explicit sex, especially in public areas, is forbidden. Sex should be kept private, as most of the people do in First Life.

Requirements to apply

  • Human, minimum 18 Yo in both lives; Minimum 30 days old in Second Life
  • Capacity to communicate in English
  • Basic knowledge of Second Life; You must be able to express yourself realistically in emotes and visuals. Understand how to be realistic (e.g. Not TP in the middle of the room, not to break immersion by breaking the fourth wall if not needed etc).
  • Mesh body, head strongly recommended, minimum height measured by our standards
  • We do expect our future members to have proper SL profile that would not clash too much with being our member. Being adults, there is no issue with A rated groups, but we will not accept members that are part time escorts or slave traders (example), if that’s clearly visible in their profile (e.g. Main Page) or will intersect too much with our school. Groups that will clash with Our Community Principles will clearly not be accepted (E.g. Having Mysogyne club in one’s profile, or other groups disrespectful to our principles.

Requirements as a Charlotte

All Charlotte Members

  • Will be involved and present
  • Will create activity and use Charlotte to express themselves
  • To read school notices and forums, be up to date with important announcements.

Charlotte Students

  • To follow school rules and etiquette guide to your best; to obey school staff;
  • To be present to classes & official school activities, if online, unless agreed otherwise at admission.
  • To accept punishments for breaking the rules, in the limits of your discipline consent form, which is filled at admission.
  • To be active and involved in school life.
  • To wear uniforms at all times said in the school rules.

Charlotte Staff

  • To be actively involved with the community.
  • If teaching staff, to hold a regular class
  • To engage the Charlottes, punish, admonish, correct when needed. To understand the difference between punishment and funishment.
  • To respect Discipline Consent Form at all times

Community Rules & Principles

  1. Linden Lab TOS should be respected at all times.
  2. Consent. Consent is implied when part of the school, except your Discipline Consent Form set limits. Charlottes will notify in IM about anything that will cause them severe emotional distress, trauma or go beyond personal acceptability limits, it’s staff responsibility to adjust to that.
  3. School Image. Our members will uphold school image at all times.E.g. Is not acceptable to have a profile pick with your jail time which you are doing when outside the school. School logo or any visual elements should not be used without management approval.
  4. Management. Management decisions are final.. Everyone has an obligation to report any breaking of current Community Rules & Principles to the school owner directly.
  5. IP and Copyright. Any creation done for the benefit of the school by its members are considered a donation towards the school, unless the creator asks to agree a different license.
  6. Realism. Members will maintain a high degree of realism in their behaviors and actions. It is forbidden to fly through the windows (Flying, Teleporting) with other people present in the room, without a strong reason. Visual realism in tone with Charlotte Finishing School is also expected at all times, in things one uses, movement, body, clothing. Both visuals and emoting should be used and meta- should be avoided. Power playing is accepted from D to /s’s, but should be sane.
  7. Right to Reasonable Privacy. Our members are entitled to privacy about their First Life, nobody is allowed to force or intimated anyone else to offer any detail they are not comfortable with. Residents living anywhere on Alyona or Boleyn grounds are allowed to privacy in their homes, garden and private space on their property. Camming on them from the distance is forbidden. Members and anyone in Charlotte should also not be cammed from the distance, unless there’s a reason to. For the sake of a relative realism, it’s allowed to do so if standing at the window, from up a school window or in any location that would have visibility, but camming on Charlottes in their room from reception is not allowed. Playful situations are accepted, but if you are told to stop, you are to stop right away. Common sense should be used.
  8. Relationships & Intimate encounters. Charlotte is not an adoption center, and one’s main reason of being part of our family should not be to adopt, be adopted, have sex or relationships. Taking members out of our islands, without management approval or strong reasons is not allowed.
  9. No Charlotte should show racism, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, intolerance towards any minority or usage of ethnic slurs.
  10. No attitudes supporting rape, kidnapping, human trafficking in or out of school.
  11. Firearms, explosives or similar activities are strictly forbidden.
  12. Religious or political activism of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  13. Gender shaming, especially about any form of gender fluidity is absolutely forbidden.

To Apply

Please do not apply if you do not have time to follow up ! You will be bannned for being a time waster.

As a Charlotte, to apply use this form. You will be given a quiz from what’s written on this page, and if you pass you will become a Prep. After one week, you will be interviewed by Miss Grace and given an uniform, which will make you a Debutante. Debutantes become final Charlottes after 20 days.

Tutors, Instructors, other staff should write directly to Miss Grace.