Important Announcement – HM

Hello, I received this message from Miss Melanie.

Dear staff and students, it will not have gone unnoticed that my time in SL has been rather limited in for quite some months. I have a busy work life, but more importantly I have a busy family life, and the measures put in place by the UK Govt. to limit the spread of this virus (e.g. everyone to stay at home) has meant that I no longer have time alone to myself, especially in the evenings. 1st Life has to be prioritised and the result is I now rarely makes an appearance in SL, and when I do it’s for a short amount of time. I have found juggling everything in my life these past 6 months or so has become stressful, and I’m very conscious that I’m not able to give the School the required time and energy it deserves and needs – and that’s not fair on you. I’ve done my best in the hope that things were going to settle in late 2020 and life would return to normal. As it is, we’re unlikely in the UK to be getting back to anything resembling normal until well into the second half of 2021. The time has therefore come to accept that I need to step down as headmistress, and to pass the baton on to another. I intend to remain on the faculty and run classes when I am able. As I step down I’d like to say a thank you to Miss Grace and Miss Soffian for all they have done, and continue to do, and for giving me the opportunity to be your headmistress. Finally, I thank each and every one of you for making my life at the School lots of fun – ok, despair at times, but maybe 99% fun, thank you! If this sounds like a farewell then it’s not meant to be – I’m stepping down, not going anywhere! Best wishes to you all, Miss Melanie

I thank her for what she did until now, and what she’ll still do for us !

I have talked to Miss Melanie, and she will probably return in her role, when her evenings come back, which can last more than six months.

Until then, Miss Faragonda (my alt) will be school headmistress. I will not be doing it on Grace, because I need a separation, and I don’t plan to be in headmistress headspace all the time like before, it’s just something I’m not willing to do anymore for the school, I did my share. I still do this for Charlotte right now, is very much not a need I have anymore, so pretty much appreciate that.

Rules of Engagement with HM

I will try to schedule office hours, and be around some constant hours.

Until then, if you need something to talk to my headmistress self, you can tell Grace me, and we’ll find a time and date in 7 days interval, so I can program more people in same time period.

I will also do a discord account for Faragonda, to stop sticking the bratty side of my nose in everything when I’m on Grace.

I also ask you not to subtly hint how awesome Miss Faragonda is when I’m on Grace and how much you miss her, I got used with the idea that subbies end up liking the D side of you more because needs, but try to think that it’s not feeling great for the person.

Another thing that will happen, is that I will not repeat things. I don’t mean to change your socks, but admin things. If HM said it once and you didn’t do it, you’ll get lines, unless you have a really good excuse about it, because you can’t be an adult about things. One of the most tiresome things is having to constantly repeat same things to people.

I will also ask people in non-student roles (prefects, HG) to try to be more autonomous, Cathy does good with that right now, so don’t expect constant HM approval, basic idea right now is that something you did is not right, and I notice, I’ll tell you.

I will ask Prefects, HG, SR, to come chat with me soon to make a plan of action or problems if we have any.

Note for January: this period i’m pretty busy with RL, so don’t expect much activity from me, on either side.

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