2020 and plans

Hello Lovelies, some things for 2020

I. Dress theme.

Each weekend we have a dress theme since a while. It’s not mandatory, but it’s fun, even if some of us forget about it because oopsie.

We have weekend themes for 2020 until July. All in calendar

Special ones:

March 2 to March 8: IWD week, all women can wear whatever they want for the week.
Month of June: Except Classes, dress pride-ish or anything to celebrate Pride Month.

II. Parties

I will have regular parties like we had before. First ones planned are:

31 January: SPRING
28 Febr: FANTASY
24 March: Opulence & Sin.

Dress theme is in tone with the party. Prepare for massive lag, these will be the kind of 9000 prims parties Grace-style :).

Alexis remind me three times in the week before the date !

III. My Charlotte 2

I want to make My Charlotte again and make a big board with notes from it. So every Charlotte, student or staff should send me a NC like this. This is mandatory, and I want to have the NCs latest end of January

TITLE: Your Name – My Charlotte 2
Inside NC:
First line two short sentences that will appear on a note on the wall
The rest of the NC what the note on the wall will say.


Grace Pi’ne – My Charlotte 2
Charlotte is home, friends and fun.
Charlotte is for me … etc etc… And I love it because I love Clara’s tube socks … etc etc…

IV. Ballet, dance and plays

I want to restart ballet and dance and I will kick my butt to do so.

I also enjoy doing things with plays a lot, so if you have any scripts send me and if I like them or feel nice to do them, I will, if not, I won’t and nobody will be upset about it.

You can write them yourself or find some written by others. Has to be light and fun, we won’t do Albert Camus.

V. Blogs / About you

If you want a blog or about you page on the school website, ask me. Vanna already has a blog and I have an about me page.

You can find it in “Blogs&Pages” menu on the website.

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